Jennisen is sparsely used contract studio actress who plays bass for KlashkaTse between films. Jen doesn’t lend much in regards to composition, to Klashkatse, but she is the muse for the group. Jen’s obstacle is is a penchant for comfort food in an industry that won’t allow her body to have it. Actresses are perpetually hungry and all Jen can do is keep designing styles for her spreading womanly figure. Klashka thinks Jen looks just fine that way she is and periodically urges the curvy stylist to work in the group full time, fat and happy. However, regret over missed chances is unbearable for Jen to consider. Much of the comedy of KlashkaTse is Jen’s inventive ways to avoid milkshakes in a favor of “healthy cookies” in her undying quest to play Batgirl.