When she show up, ’Siggy” is the auxiliary percussionist of KlashkaTse. AEIOU is the principal members and Sigrid is the “sometimes ‘Y’”. Sigrid does not comply to rules, schedules or vegetables, but when she DOES make an appearance her music is magic. Sigrid is the rare truffle on the KlashkaTse risotto. She travels the globe and buries herself in cultures, learning the more far out instruments which adds fullness to KlashkaTse’s sound. However, it takes a Caledonian boar and a herd of peccaries to root her out and bring her home in time for gigs!

It is Sigrid who discovers Tabby. Sigrid is a goddess who enjoys interacting with humans, much like Nami. Sigrid “attends” Tabby’s art based K-12 ( when she shows up) and enjoys being part of the lunch time group of cool kids who venture down to the UC Berkeley Campus to discuss music and comic books. It isn’t Tabby Sigrid is truly after. A goddess is compelled to mentor. Sigrid’s motive for “playing teenager” is to seek out a mentee and she and several other goddesses have their sights on colorful Tabby’s brilliant, plainer, at-risk cousin, Soleil Smile.