Tabitha Soleil

Tabby has the best of both worlds: she is mixed race and talented. The former is already an enviable social position among the African-American community, but the latter makes Tabby a powerful ambassador who gets universal admiration. Who doesn’t love artists?…except maybe mathematicians.

Tabby is both aware and unaware of her advantages. What grounds her and drives her is an early fortune that foretold that she won’t live very long. With that ear worm embedded against her psyche, Tabby lives her life to the fullest. She isn’t sure when she’s going to die, but she’s determined to have a say in how! Repelling, inline skating down 30° inclines in San Francisco…walking down E 14th street in East Oakland is pushing it, though….

When Tabby is approached to join the Goth band KlashkaTse, she vows that being a star is a great way to go out with a bang! Although Klashka’s death glares and rigorous training wasn’t exactly what she had in mind…