maloniMaloni Jasai is the youngest daughter of Mikka, conceived with Kali the Goddess of Time.

Maloni’s “conception” is possible for she is the Universe. According to the Vedas, the Universe is female but her Order is male in gender, but not necessarily sex, which are two different things, hence the existence of female earth deities. Omnipresent, rarely speaking unless through music or visual art, she observes without judgement, but this does imply passivity. When Nature is violated Nature pushes back and will allow the winds of destruction to blow until balance is restored. Therefore, her sisters will come from far and wide to any conflict to assure Maloni is never provoked.

Maloni is the color of the Moon and night sky in appearance. Her skin color changes according to climate or environment she creates and she is always creating. In Jasaian form, creativity manifests in art practice.

Maloni isn’t partial to any one person. She’s more of an asset yo her family who the Pantheon envies for their proximity to the entity they all serve as personifications of Order. However, she does offer comfort

in the sense what ever will be, will be. Fear not the loss of your life. It means the end of your suffering. Death is a new beginning. It is the only the process of dying one has to suffer. Center yourself and let it pass.

Fruit from same sex unions is rare even among gods…and only the Jasians know exactly what Maloni is. To tune out the curious, Maloni live mainly in her head, delving her her talents as a visual and musical artist. She cloisters herself in her subterranean studio and library and creates worlds on canvas and sculpture then manifests her creations as celestial bodies somewhere in the cosmos through her music.