Sakura is the eldest daughter of Mikka and Kaisei Jaisai. Referred derisively as the smaller-elder-sister by her middle sister Nami, Sakura is headstrong art-a-holic who has sacrificed her social life for her work. As a result, she’s a neophyte in about the variables of human nature.

Her split second decisions on human nature are extreme. Criminals are punished severely and exemplars are honored as near gods. Like other deities of this sort, Sakura has her favorites and ensures their every success in her mentorship of them.

Sakura’s name as a deity is Yama no Kami: the Mountain Goddess. She is the goddess of the hunt and agriculture. In this incarnation Sakura is also the goddess of spring. Her red hair turns pink like the cherry blossoms of her namesake during this season, fading to auburn in the by fall. This color change is common in all of the seasonal goddesses of the Superficial universe. Sakura’s hair, however, is unique for it can not be dyed or cut due to a spell inherited by her maternal grandmother.


Sakura is partial to her father, Kaisei and extended family of friends. She gives her intrusive mother a wide birth. Sakura’s relationship her younger sister, Nami, is strained, due to Nami’s perference for their mother and recalcitrant nature.  To keep the peace, the two rarely cross paths unless common challenges need to be resolved.



She’s incredibly strong, valiant and a wee bit bossy. A leader who is chosen by good deeds, Sakura is always just in time for a rescue. However, seeing as how she works in theater, she may show up fighting in a Noh mask and a tutu!