HipChick Comics is Back!
Hello, dearest readers. It’s been a long while since the goddesses had their own website again. The trouble was finding a hosting service that would accept yearly payments instead of the monthly alternative, for I don’t know about you, but my job as an artist does not last the whole year round!

The latest issue of Superficial is underway. It’s a story that was meant to take place after the solstice party, but I felt it was a better fit the series set up instead of it’s development. In this issue we MEET Mikka, the mother of Sakura, Nami, and Maloni and get to know this “favorite of the gods” and the long life she’s endured to reach her current…and future status. It’s not an epic as much a breather and a character study of the Jasian matron and how extraordinary a human must be to be “Mom God” to two creator/destroyer goddesses and the essence of the Universe itself.

Stay for Superficial #3.5: Momgod. Where there will be a lot discussion of womanhood and a great deal of sewing.

Kittens and Unicorns,