Why is it always the blonde in the Marina district The first story of Inbetween Days, Giermo, examines the issue the sexual selection and the cruelties it can at times in involve. Nami meets her future husband Giermo who likes in every way accept that she isn’t the standard in wives of highly successful men: the blonde. As we all know, East Asian women have made great strides in social status, but it wasn’t always that way.Hegemony, the practice of one culture’s power of influence over another has been a ongoing struggle since civilizations began. Wars are fought for it. However, anyone who studies history knows that each culture has had a turn, it’s just that now, Westerners have the ball. In regards to class difference, who a woman is able to marry depends on who her father is. If he is successful and influential, the daughter gets a prince. If not he is not or worse absentee, the daughter is destined for a life with a lovable loser, or thanks to the women’s movement, she can make her own economic strides and not marry at all.

The second option does not bode well for those with prince cancer, however. Unlike her sexually reluctant sister, Sakura, Nami is determined to have a partner. Its just frustrating that although she is a deity, such a high rank holds little weight in the current social structure of the day and it’s going to take a regrettable show of might, to get her palomino boy to respect her enough to present her with a  ring.



Further Discussion Beyond the Story…

The wife determines how far a man can go in life. This is unfortunately true. Yes, Michelle Obama is married to the former president of the United States, but that kind of power is Foucault’s Power from Below. The working class opinion, mass opinion actually matters in the realm of elected officials, so Barak didn’t choose a blonde. A corporate executive, on the hand, lives in the realm of tow headed Valhalla denizens, so his wife must reminisce of Frigga or the unmarried Freya or he’ll hit a glass ceiling at middle management where someone of higher rank in the rat will take his ideas and present them as his own to his Odin CEO. Odin must pay the giants for building his skyscraper cast
les and they want Freya as collateral. Success is a popularity contest of fat, Breitbart exec type comparing each other’s wives in the golf course.


Such is the saga of struggle of the blonde: fetishized, infantilized and possessed, yet Klashka enjoys the power in the cracks of such outrage. She uses her hair natural color to her advantage, yet also in service to her musical group, so she isn’t all bad and has disturbnig stories of her own to tell.

Mikka, the ultimate silver blonde ideal of Medeval Europe, is centuries old, and knows a fool when she sees one and works against such injustice. Both blondes have the power of choice and chose not to assure the success of their recessive genes by pairing with blond men. Light is feminine, dark is masculine. There’s the hierarchal struggle among men for you!


The issue of sexual selection where blonde reigns is s familiar one to women and much research has gone into unraveling the mystery. My own research was comprised of several books and discussions with those who have endured fetishized pursuit of their hair color, felt the sting of classism or have simply chosen to walk through life alone rather than in the company of a fool.

My books comprise of the following:

Blonde Like Me: The Roots of the Blonde Myth in Our Culture by Natalia Ilyin

Ring of Power by Jean Shinoda Bolen

Survival of the Prettiest by Nancy Etcoff

and of Craigslist Rants and Missed Connection of the San Francisco Bay Area

This comic is for any woman who has gotten stung by the “Blonde Thing”. Has wondered why they can’t find economic partners steadfast enough to keep up with their ambitions and personal success just because they have dark hair, dark skin or raised by a single mom. Inbetween Days: Giermo is a salve for your open wounds. Don’t let them fester. Bust out with the Neosporin and fight back for your sense of self worth! And tap into your inner chthonic to earn the respect of a hierarchal society objectifies beauty and only respects a show of might.



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